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Learn from industry experts and get inspired by adding these 10 podcasts to your playlist.

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Podcasts have become a popular way to gain insights into the strategies that successful companies and founders have used to launch products, secure hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, and scale their businesses and teams. Learn from experienced leaders by adding these 10 podcasts to your playlist.

In Depth by First Round Review

Discover how to grow your audience on the largest streaming platform in the world.

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YouTube is the second most visited website around the globe and, with nearly 2.3 billion active users on the platform, it is a valuable distribution channel for creators and entrepreneurs. This is why YouTube has become the top video marketing channel among marketers. …

Discover 5 Latinx creators who are breaking barriers and forging a path for indie creators.

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Party 1 by Brazilian illustrator Niege Borges

September 15 marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month which recognizes Hispanic and Latino/a/x contributions toward American achievements and culture. One way that I’m celebrating is by supporting and promoting Hispanic- and Latinx-owned businesses. There are so many amazing small businesses out there. …

Big businesses may dominate the stock market, but small businesses keep our economy moving.

Small + Mighty banner. Small business. Big Impact.

Help foster a thriving community of entrepreneurs and indie creators by sharing resources and advocating for small businesses.

Topics of Interest

  • Detailed research on the creator economy. Share information and tips about the platforms and tools that are used by creators such as Shopify, YouTube, Patreon, and Etsy. Here is a good example…

Create a strategic content roadmap to grow your business and stay ahead of competition.

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Have you ever felt frustrated and confused about the content you’re creating for your brand and wondered whether or not it’s even effective? You need a content strategy and this article is for you.

Learn why successful companies like HubSpot create a strategic roadmap for their content to achieve business…

There are more ways to support small business owners than buying their products and services.

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It’s common to think that the only way to support small businesses and indie creators is to purchase their products or services. While most of these entrepreneurs and creators would certainly benefit from additional sales, this isn’t the only form of support that they need.

Here are 5 ways that…

Help your favorite small businesses get discovered and improve customer experience.

Laptop screen showing YouTube recommendations.

The internet has become the life and blood of small businesses and indie creators. Particularly because of search engines like Google, which help people discover and learn about new companies, products and services. Customer reviews are a critical factor in Google’s decision to increase their visibility during a person’s search…

Share your valuable insights and expertise with our audience

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Are you a womxn of color who wants to help others by sharing the lessons you’ve learned during your health journey? Are you a subject matter expert in the field of health and wellness? Then we want to feature your story on HEAL•THY•HABITS!

What we’re looking for

  • In-depth research, advice, and unique perspectives on…

Improve your writing skills and potentially boost your income by simply sharing your ideas and expertise.

Professional Black woman in an outdoor setting, smiling and shrugging in front of a laptop.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

What is Medium and how does it work?

Medium is a blogging platform where writers can explore and discuss ideas and topics that interest them. As of September 2021, over 161 million people have visited the platform and, in 2020, writers earned around $11 million.

You can sign up for Medium and write for free. Under their free…


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