Resources and tips to help aspiring entrepreneurs explore and discover new business opportunities.

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Sometimes one of the hardest things about being an entrepreneur is coming up with a business idea. Sure, disruptive technologies and unmet customer needs are the best ways to identify business opportunities, but may be too broad for anyone who is stuck in a creativity rut.

Here are 6 frameworks…

Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience of Veteran small business owners during National Veterans Small Business Week.

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The first day of November marks a the beginning of National Veterans Small Business Week. Here are 8 statistics that highlight the impact of military Veteran entrepreneurs on the U.S. economy.

$1 Trillion

There are nearly 1.8 million military Veteran entrepreneurs and their businesses generate around $1 trillion in annual receipts.

4 Million Jobs


Impress that special someone with a thoughtful gift while also supporting a talented indie creator and small business.

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Supply chain bottlenecks and rising costs aren’t just hurting our wallets this year, they’re also hurting small businesses. Support indie creators and small businesses with these 4 holiday gift ideas.

1. Gift Cards

Search for small businesses on websites like Square’s Give & Get Local directory or Yelp to find local businesses and…

Get paid to hone your writing skills and expand your resume.

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The ability to effectively communicate through our writing is critical to nearly every profession. It’s also an empowering way to develop our identity and form meaningful connections with others who would otherwise remain unaware of our existence and experiences.

But honing this craft can be time-consuming and frustrating, whether you’re…

Learn from industry experts and get inspired by adding these 10 podcasts to your playlist.

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Podcasts have become a popular way to gain insights into the strategies that successful companies and founders have used to launch products, secure hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, and scale their businesses and teams. Learn from experienced leaders by adding these 10 podcasts to your playlist.

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